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Beating the Odds

Seeing the Impossible

Someone once said, “To do the impossible, you must first see the invisible.”

Comedy star Jim Carrey used this idea to reach wealth and fame that seemed impossible for a young man who grew up in poverty. He once wrote himself a check for $10 million, envisioning a day when he would earn that amount for real. Sure enough, years later his pay for the movie “Dumb and Dumber” put his earnings over $10 million.

This is Day 2 of a 17-day series on “How to Do the Impossible.” I’m blogging and Rob Gilbert is delivering daily messages on his Success Hotline (973) 743-4690.

Carrey’s check for $10 million reminds us that great achievements begin with great dreams. Success, of course, takes more than dreams. It takes action as well. But action without dreams is just as bad as dreams without action.

Take a few moment today. Picture your life in five, 10, or 20 years. Are you doing something you’d LOVE to do or something you HAVE to do? Will you be living where you’d LOVE to live or somewhere you HAVE to live?

Look carefully at the landscape in which you’d love to see yourself. Imagine it vividly. If you can find or create and image, put it in at least three places you see every day.

Forming a detailed picture of your future and seeing it often will make it far more likely that picture will one day be real. Carrey’s $10 million check is proof.

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