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Beating the Odds

What’s Your Relationship With Problems?

There are four kinds of people. As you go down the list, see which one fits you best.

The first kind are the problem-avoiders. They show up late for work, go home early, and surf the Web while there.

The second kind is problem-copers. They come in and leave on time. They do what’s required, sometimes very well, but seldom go beyond what they’re told to do.

The third kind is problem-solvers. These are the professionals. If you have a legal problem, a lawyer can solve it. If you’re sick, a doctor can cure you.

Finally come the problem-seekers. They are the ones who ask questions, then try to answer them. Steve Jobs was a classic example. He was constantly wondering if Apple products could be smaller, lighter, stronger, more user-friendly.

Here’s a story about problem-seekers. They go beyond the usual limits of surfing to test themselves in Antarctica.

Which of the four are you? Which do you want to be?


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