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How to Win

How T. J. Oshie Did It

T.J. Oshie impressed more than than the man in the street with his shootout performance that lifted the U.S. over Russia in a hockey game at the Winter Olympics. He even drew a rave from a big-league baseball player at spring training.

“It was awesome,” St. Louis outfielder Matt Holliday said at the Cardinals’ camp in Jupiter, Fla. “When you think about it that’s the Olympic team and it’s the best of the best, and there’s all that talent on their bench, but the guy that keeps going out there with a chance to win it is the same guy. What does that say about how good they think he is?”

Holliday’s kudos mean a lot because they come from someone who has done his share of winning. Holliday has reached the playoffs in five of his 10 big-league seasons, including a World Series title.

Whether it’s Oshie, Holliday, or anyone else, the secret is being able to play under pressure. University of North Dakota hockey coach Dave Hakstol explains how Oshie does it.

“I don’t think anybody’s surprised by what he did today,” Hakstol said in an ABC report. “You saw he had a little grin on his face before he took each shootout. That’s just him out there having fun and competing.”

There’s the secret. Have fun. Even when your nerves are screaming, put a smile on your face and be thankful for the chance to compete.

Try it the next time you want to do your best when it means the most.

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