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Beating the Odds

How to Play on the Big Stage

Four days before the biggest speaking gig of my life, I’m nervous. If the talk goes well, the people in the audience will like me. They will buy my book. They might hire me for more speaking gigs.


What’s wrong with this train of thought?

Here’s what’s wrong: It’s all about me. Me, me, me.

What about them? The people in the audience are the ones who should matter. They are the ones who are looking for help.

The only issue should be, “How much can I help these people?” Make it about them.

To play on a big stage, make it about others. Dr. Martin Luther King said, “Anyone can be great, because anyone can serve.”

In speaking to a big audience, stop trying to impress and try instead to serve.

In coaching your team, make a difference in their lives.

When playing in the Super Bowl, the Australian Open or the Olympics, play for your teammates, your school, your family.

To play on a big stage, keep these words in front: It’s about others.


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