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Beating the Odds

What to Do When You’re Stuck

Is your team stuck? Not making any progress? Falling well short of its potential?

Take a look at two things:

First, what are your team values?

Second, are you keeping in touch with them?

Marillyn Hewson keeps a strong focus on these two questions. As CEO and president of Lockheed Martin, she builds her business by putting values on the top of the agenda.

In this article, “The First Thing a New Leader Should Do to Build Trust,” Hewson offers five tips. The first involves values.

“Affirm your values,” Hewson writes. “Trust starts with values. I take every opportunity to reiterate Lockheed Martin’s values and what they mean to us.”

She lists those values as:

One — Do what’s right.
Two — Respect others.
Three — Perform with Excellence.

Can you see that if your team, group or business were to adopt those values, and make every decision in keeping with those values, your chances of success would rise? When you live with values in mind, you are working smart.

What are your team’s values?


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