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Beating the Odds

What Song Do People Associate With You?

Imagine you are guest on the Letterman Show.

David introduces you, the audience claps, and the band plays a tune as you enter.

This tune says something about your life, your work, your image.

Here’s the question: What would your tune be?

CEO Richard A. Moran has written this fine piece called “What’s Your Walk-Up Song?” It refers to the song that the organist plays in ballparks when the hitter strides to the plate.

Moran asks this question: What would that song be? Happy? Sad? Thoughtful? Energizing?

Whether it’s Letterman, a baseball game or any other venue, what song would best describe you and your life?

Giving some thought to this question can help you understand where you are in life and decide where you’d like to be. Thinking about your song can be an important part of your mental game, something to motivate you toward peak performance and victory. It can help you work smarter as you move through your day.

Well? What’s your song?


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