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Beating the Odds

How You Can Become a Genius

Here’s a big helping of pi.

It’s a video of a man reciting pi to thousands of places. You could do it, too, if you wanted to. If the reward were big enough.

These thoughts come to mind on Pi Day, March 14, otherwise known as 3/14, the first three digits of pi.

The man in the video is portrayed as a memory expert. That may be true, but there’s nothing special about it. We’re all memory experts. Want proof? I bet you can remember something from your childhood. Something that happened years ago.

You remember it because somehow the experience stuck. So the trick is not being a genius, but in finding ways to make memories stick. You can associate numbers with colors, or learn them in rap form, or combine them into smaller pieces.

It’s not talent, it’s strategy.

Life is the same as Pi Day. It’s not a talent game, it’s a strategy game. There are people of all ages — starting at four — who can recite pi to a dizzying number of places. They’re not geniuses. They were simply motivated enough to find a way.

You have genius inside of you. You just need motivation to let it come out.

Albert Einstein said, “I am no genius. I merely stay with problems longer than most people.”

I always get a kick out of the Genius Bar at Apple stores. You can spend time with a genius if you make an appointment. But these people aren’t geniuses. They merely played with their computers, trying and failing, exploring and learning, until they knew a great deal about them.

Find your genius today!


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