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Beating the Odds

What a Wheelbarrow Can Teach About Success

Charles Blondin was a world-class tightrope-walker who left his audiences gasping with suspense. He thought nothing of taking a death-defying walk with his manager on his shoulders! People would actually take bets on whether Blondin would fall to his doom.

After one particularly spectacular performance, Blondin produced a wheelbarrow and asked the spectators a question.

“Do you think I could wheel this from one end of the tightrope to the other?”

“Yes,” they replied.

He asked another question.

“Do you BELIEVE I could do it?”

They were puzzled.

“We already told you we think you can do it.”

It was here that Blondin delivered his message.

“There’s a difference between thinking and believing,” he said. “Anyone can think so. But if you really believe I could do it, then get into the wheelbarrow.”

No one did.

No one really believed it.

If you’re going to achieve everything you can, you must develop a belief in yourself. Self-belief can keep you going through adversity and even failure.

Start developing belief in yourself with daily actions outside your comfort zone. Act confident even if you don’t feel that way.

More on self-belief in future posts. In the meantime, get in the wheelbarrow!


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