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Beating the Odds

What Others Say About You

A heat wave in the Northeast makes it a refreshingly good time to discuss someone who made his living on the ice.

Wayne Gretzky is a Hall of Fame hockey player whose exploits earned him the nickname “The Great One.”

What a nickname! But this post is not about hockey or Wayne Gretzky. It’s about you. What is your brand? What do people say about you?

Are you “The Late One” because you never show up on time? Are you “The Create One” because you always manage to make something good out of any situation? Or are you “The Freight One” because you tend to bring baggage?

Here’s what’s important to know: You have a reputation. People form impressions. As a coach, I do it. I know various athletes who can be summed up in a word. Dedicated. Diligent. Lazy. Giving. Taking. I didn’t dream up these labels. They came from seeing how the athletes behave. And I’m sure athletes form impressions of me!

I told the Gretzky story in one of my volleyball camps this week and asked the athletes to think about their personal brand. One of them said, “I want to be known as someone who works hard and always does her best.” I told the camper, “I already think that!” This person is developing an excellent brand.

So what’s your brand? You don’t have control over what the gossips and other negative people say or think. But you do have control over the behaviors that are there for the world to see.

Speaking of brands, the idea about Gretzky came from Dr. Rob Gilbert’s excellent motivational resource, “Success Hotline.” It’s (973) 743-4690. Dr. Gilbert offers a three-minute message every day. It’s free and he will never try to sell you on anything except your own greatness.

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