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Improving Your Focus

Your focus is your future. Correct focus can help you perform at your peak, beat the odds and win the big one. The good news is that you have a great ability to focus. If you don’t believe me, think abut the last time you watched a great TV show. You were really locked in. The […]

Savoring the Days

This time 100 years ago, Titanic was steaming across the North Atlantic on its way to New York. On board were hundreds of people enjoying the food, music and the sensation of being on the sea. These were moments to be treasured. Unfortunately, no one knew that. The minutes and hours blended into one another […]

Elephants and Ropes

There’s a true story about elephants and the rope. When elephants are very young, they are chained so that they can’t run away. But later in life, when the elephants are much bigger and stronger, the keepers need only a flimsy rope to keep the animals tied up. Why? Because the elephants become conditioned to feeling […]

Advice from Joe Torre

Excuse the short post, but I saw this item on Twitter and wanted to get it to you quickly. It’s former Yankees Manager Joe Torre giving his top six rules for managing players. Any advice from Torre should be accepted eagerly. Even though he won multiple World Series with the Yankees, his biggest achievement was […]

Seeing Your Future

Bubba Watson won the Masters by hitting what looked to be an impossible shot. It’s a lesson for all of us when something seems impossible. “I got in these trees and hit a crazy shot that I saw in my head,” Watson said Sunday after his miraculous shot from the woods put him into golfing […]

Hidden Treasures

Today my father and I drove through the neighborhood where he grew up. It reminded me of a story about his baseball cards. He had what nowadays would amount to a priceless collection, the product of growing up in an era of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, lefty Grove and other stars. As the youngest of […]

The Best Highway Sign I Ever Saw

Years ago, as my wife and I were driving through the Southern California desert on a cross-country trip, we saw a sign that gave us chills despite the 100-plus temperatures. “Do not leave this road unless you know exactly where you are going,” it read. You didn’t need to be a genius to figure out […]

Focus on Focus

Last night I had the chance to watch a very good coach at work. She had designed a strong practice, and tried to set the tone by writing a quote on top of her whiteboard. It said, “The power of focus is what separates those who are good from those who are great.” When practice […]