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Beating the Odds

Elephants and Ropes

There’s a true story about elephants and the rope.

When elephants are very young, they are chained so that they can’t run away. But later in life, when the elephants are much bigger and stronger, the keepers need only a flimsy rope to keep the animals tied up. Why? Because the elephants become conditioned to feeling that they can not break away. They no longer realize it is within their power to move.

People are often like elephants. They start off their lives full of energy and power. They learn to walk, talk, climb and run. When they fail, they just try again. They have no limits, nothing to tie them.

Then something happens to people. They start taking failure as an answer. They become more conscious of their limits than of their possibilities. They are chained by a flimsy cord of their limiting self-beliefs.

Elephants never break away. But you can. Start by cutting the word “can’t” from your vocabulary. Start making a priority of breaking out of your comfort zone. Do something every day that scares you. Dare to develop new skills.

You’ll soon learn an important life lesson. You’ll see that your power is much greater than you’ve ever imagined. You can beat the odds.

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