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Beating the Odds

Seeing Your Future

Bubba Watson won the Masters by hitting what looked to be an impossible shot.

It’s a lesson for all of us when something seems impossible.

“I got in these trees and hit a crazy shot that I saw in my head,” Watson said Sunday after his miraculous shot from the woods put him into golfing history.

Watson was only practicing what peak performance expert Stan Kellner preached.

“To do the impossible,” Kellner said, “you must first see what is invisible.”

Locked in a sudden-death playoff with Louis Oosthuizen, Watson put his tee shot deep in the woods. To get out, he needed to hit the ball under the trees, make it take a right turn, then rise to the green.

He pictured it, then, unbelievably, he did it. We can all do the same thing: Visualize what you want the outcome to be.

“If I have a swing, I’ve got a shot,” Watson said, describing his attitude toward trouble.

“I attack. I always attack,” Watson said. “I don’t like to go to the center of the greens. I want to hit the incredible shot. Who doesn’t? That’s why we play the game of golf, to pull off the amazing shot.”

Sunday, he did. And by picturing what you want to happen, you can, too.

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