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Beating the Odds

Jeremy Lin and Al Pacino

Few thought he could do it. All he needed was a chance. When he finally got one, the whole world noticed.

Are we talking about Jeremy Lin? No, we’re referring to Al Pacino, whose portrayal of Michael Corleone helped make “The Godfather” a smash hit 40 years ago.

Pacino had to work hard to make believers of those on the set. Director Francis Ford Coppola liked him, but others, including the studio executives, did not.

Some things never change. There are always miracles waiting to be discovered, stars who just need their big break.

This does not mean that you can sit in a corner and sulk because you haven’t received your chance. Lin and Pacino both worked hard to make sure that when opportunity knocked, they would be dressed and ready to answer the door.

Someone once said, “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

If there is a genius to stars, it’s not in talent but in their persistence, their belief in themselves when no one else shares that belief.

Lin and Pacino both had it.

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