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Red Sox Ban Beer in Clubhouse

Sometimes a rule is more than a rule.

The Boston Red Sox have banned beer in their clubhouse this year, and the edict reminds them that they have only one job: to win games.

That’s something they neglected to do at the end of last year, when the team went missed the playoffs in what will forever be known as the Collapse of 2011.

No one wants that again this year, especially new manager Bobby Valentine. He made his announcement about booze on Saturday at the team’s spring training base in Fort Myers, Fla., and the players seemed to take it in stride.

“We’re not here to drink,” Red Sox slugger David Ortiz said, endorsing Valentine’s move. “We’re here to play baseball. It ain’t a bar.”
Every team has a culture. Some cultures are better than others. To hear the reports, the culture in last year’s room did little to help the team play well. Valentine must change that. His job depends on it.

“It’s just what I’ve always done, except in Texas, I guess,” Valentine said, explaining the move. “I’m comfortable with it that way.”

It’s worth noting that the clubhouse culture under ex-manager Terry Francona was good enough to produce two World Series titles. But after last year, the team needs a change, and banning beer will symbolize it. Banning booze will symbolize a change in culture.

Any team can go through a season without beer to chase an October that ends with champagne.

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