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About Motivation

No aspect of coaching is as misunderstood as motivation is.

Too many coaches think of motivation as a magic wand to be waved over their team before the big game.

Great coaches know that isn’t the case. A perfect example is Mike Pope, who coaches the tight ends on the New York Giants. Pope uses motivation all the time, as is profiled in this article by Mike Garafalo of the Star-Ledger.

Pope’s techniques can give you ideas on how you can motivate your team. He is a reminder that motivation is not a magic wand.

It’s not a sometimes thing. It’s an all the time thing. It’s not just something to rile up the troops before the big battle. It’s something keep them sharp and focused before the battle.

It’s not something you add onto what you do. It’s something that is at the heart of what coaches do.

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