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Beating the Odds

Four Words for Great Leaders

Want to be a great leader? Your task can be summed up in four words, according to this article in Inc.

Aspire. Plan. Inspire. Execute.

“Great leaders do not aim for the easily achievable,” says the article, written by Matthew Swyers. That’s what he means by “aspire.”

The more lofty your goal, however, the more you need to do the other three things: plan, inspire and execute.

“Aspiration without a plan is simply a dream,” says Swyer.

As for inspiration, you must give those around you a sense of what they can achieve if they follow the plan. You must get them to see the opportunity. You must motivate.

Finally, you must execute. Hockey coach Pierre Page once said, “You can chop wood all you want. Sooner or later, someone has to build the house.”

Aspire. Plan. Inspire. Execute.

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