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Mariano Rivera in Person

It’s a scene played out all over the country — and even outside the country — during baseball’s off-season.

Big-league players make appearances, either for money, as a favor or out of a sense of gratitude.

Whatever the reason, you never know what effect these visits can have. It’s like a stone thrown into a pond. No one can tell how the sight of a future Hall of Famer will ripple in someone’s life.

And so it was yesterday at Frozen Ropes training facility in Pine Brook, NJ. As detailed on Sideline Chatter, legendary New York Yankees reliever Mariano Rivera spoke to some 120 young baseball players about stretching, warm-ups, arm action, injury prevention and pitch counts.

Kids may or not remember his words years from now, but they will never forget his mere presence. Seeing Rivera in the flesh may motivate someone to achieve peak performance as a pitcher, trainer, doctor, sports announcer, whatever.

Rivera’s visit came only days before results of this year’s Hall of Fame election are announced. Most of the candidates seem borderline, though there is a feeling that former Cincinnati Reds shortstop Barry Larkin will gain admission.

With Rivera, there will be no doubt. In fact, when the time comes, he may come closer to anyone in history to a unanimous selection. Just ask the kids whose Hot Stove League included a visit from Rivera.

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  1. Hi Mike
    I did read that sideline chatter piece- the only thing i didnt like was that the entry fee to see Mo was $395 !

    Posted by KEVIN REILLY | January 10, 2012, 3:02 am

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