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How to Win

Sparky Anderson’s Secret

Sparky Anderson, who managed three World Series champions in a Hall of Fame career, has died. The secret to his success?
”He understood people better than anyone I ever met. His players loved him, he loved his players, and he loved the game of baseball,” said Pete Rose, one of the stars who flourished under Anderson.
Many coaches seem to believe that winning comes from knowing X’s and O’s better than others. Winning leaders understand what motivates people. They also set an example with their passion.
His Hall of Fame plaque reads: ”Revered and treasured by his players for his humility, humanity, eternal optimism and knowledge of the game.”
Anderson never tried to upstage all the stars on his team, or to take credit for their success. He simply tried to put them into a position where they could succeed.
That’s why under Anderson the Cincinnati Reds won two titles and the Detroit Tigers one.


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