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Beating the Odds

What Is Possible?

Today posting resumes after a hiatus to finish a book I wrote with Gary Pritchard, called “10 Things Great Coaches Know.”

It turns out that Opening Day of the baseball season, the final game of the NCAA basketball tourney and an episode of “Dancing With the Stars” all intersected.

And what unites these three apparently unrelated events? Tommy Lasorda does.

Lasorda, former manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers and now a member of baseball’s Hall of Fame, used to say this about the baseball season:

No matter how bad you are, you’re probably going to win about a third of your games. And no matter how good you are, you’re probably going to lose about a third of your games. It’s that middle third that separates the winners from the losers, and that middle third depends on habits and attitudes.

This principle applies whether you’re dancing, playing basketball or baseball, or whatever. Attitude and habits win.

When Gordon Hayward’s shot at the buzzer barely missed, allowing Duke to beat Butler in the NCAA final, Coach Mike Krzyzewski owned his fourth national title. You can draw your own conclusions about the attitudes and habits in his gym.

As for baseball, no one puts much emphasis on winning on Opening Day, because there are 161 games to go. And the correct attitude is to be ready for all of them. Baseball players try never to get too high or too low because there’s always another game for which to prepare.

And on “Dancing With the Stars,” I’m fascinated by the fact that all the contestants have the same amount of time — one week — to rehearse. The team that gets the most out of practice wins.

“What is possible?  What you will,” said  Augustus William Hare and Julius Charles Hare, in “Guesses at Truth,” by Two Brothers, 1827.

Same way with you. What’s possible in your life depends on what you will.


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