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Life Lessons


Today’s post will be brief and come in the form of quote sent by my friend and co-author, Gary Pritchard.

It says, “A word of encouragement during failure … is worth more than a dictionary of praise after success.”

Sometimes people quit when they are so close to success. As a coach, you never know when just the right word at just the right time can help someone hold on just a little while longer.


One comment for “Encouragement”

  1. This is a crucial insight, Mike, acted on by too few coaches. Actually, a big piece of this is brevity. How often have I heard coaches turn what should be a quick post-game “chins up” into a 15 minute harangue which serves only to build up resistance to anything the coach might say in the future.

    Posted by Peter Hirsch | April 27, 2010, 4:32 pm

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