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Could This Man Be You?

Yesterday’s New York Times ran an extraordinary piece on Seton Hall University Basketball Coach Bobby Gonzalez.
Written by Kevin Armstrong and Pete Thamel, the article makes several points:
— Gonzalez is the only coach in the history of the Big East Conference to be suspended for sideline behavior.
— A longtime acquaintance says of Gonzalez, “He has a tremendous skill for being able to alienate himself from everyone.”
— “None of the three players who have committed to play for Seton Hall next year have qualified academically.”
The article goes on with several other observations and allegations, few of them flattering.
So here’s an exercise if you’re a coach or an athletic director. How would feel if this article were written about you or your athletic program? Going further, if someone were to write a profile of you, what would the theme be?
Finally, what would you like the theme to be? You have now identified the vision for your program.


One comment for “Could This Man Be You?”

  1. Hi Mike
    I have known Bobby Gonzalez for about 25 yrs. The guy has had quite a “past” and his future is shaky as well. I can email you more.Lets put it this way his ideas on coaching are way different than ours

    Posted by kevin reilly | March 9, 2010, 6:01 pm

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