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Beating the Odds

Clubhouse Chemistry

No matter what they major in during college years, coaches need some sense of chemistry. Not molecular chemistry, but human chemistry.

Relationships mean everything to sports teams. Bad chemistry has doomed many a dream. Great chemistry can produce what seems to be an overachieving team.

This subject comes up because of a report from ESPNBoston.com that Rajon Rondo is hinting at trouble in the Boston Celtics locker room.

“We gotta make a change and do something about it quick,” Rondo was quoted as saying. “Not a trade or anything, but just making some changes in the locker room, amongst ourselves. Every guy has to look in the mirror and hold themselves accountable.”

No matter what level you’re coaching on, chemistry can be an issue. Human nature is the same whether you’re talking high school sports or the highest pro level.

Jealousy, laziness, and ego can all come into play. Some people give; some people receive. Sometimes the problems can be addressed with a clubhouse meeting, sometimes they fester all season.

Good coaches keep an eye on clubhouse chemistry, and do all they can to promote a team-first atmosphere. It won’t always work, but you’ve got to keep trying.


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