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Beating the Odds

World-Class Motivation

With the Olympics coming up, we soon will be seeing people whose skills are world-class. And most of us will be tempted to think that those people live in a different world from us. But that’s not true.

In today’s world — especially in today’s economy — everyone needs high-level skills. And to acquire high-level skills, you need high-level motivation.

That’s where the Olympic dream begins, with the decision to compete at the highest level. Once that decision is made, certain behaviors, like rigorous and regular training, must follow. And that takes motivation.

Tonight, sports psychologist Dr. Rob Gilbert and I will be conducting a one-hour phone seminar on “How Bad Do You Really Want it?” We’ll be discussing the relationship between motivation, action and results.

The seminar, which is free except for the price of the phone call, takes place at 10 p.m. EST. Here is the phone number: (712) 775 7200. The access code is: 117668#


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