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How to Win

Do It Now!

Today’s post will be brief because the massive snowstorm is disrupting my internet service. I’m posting early for the same reason.

It reminds me of the old military wisdom that when marching armies reach a river at night, they cross it before making camp.

The reason is: During the night, a storm can arise or the tide can change to make it impossible to do it in the morning.

In other words, do things when you can. Look at all the shoppers in the Northeast United States who set Saturday aside for Christmas shopping. Then the snowstorm made it impossible.

Coaches say:

Do it. Do it right. Do it now.

This one has been attributed to Bobby Knight:

Do what needs to be done.

Do when when it needs to be done.

Do it as well as it can be done.

Do this all the time.

(And do it whether it’s snowing or not!)


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