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No Surprises

With fall teams entering their tournament season, thousands of coaches are looking for any edge they can get. And here’s the edge, courtesy of peak performance expert Dave Cross: Change as little as you can. In fact, Coach Cross offers this article, titled, “No surprises!” His point is that major changes at tournament time can […]

Other People’s Achievements

“Life is not a spectator sport.” Hundreds of thousands of people turned out in New York yesterday to honor the Yankees and their 27th World Series title. They made it a picnic in November, wearing their Yankee gear to the victory parade and maneuvering for a view of their heroes. It was all good fun. […]

Hating the Yankees for Their Money

Every time a fan rises to cheer the Yankees, you can bet there’s someone somewhere who doesn’t feel the love. Yankee-hating goes to another level in these tough economic times, when multi-millionaires win the World Series as millions of people look for work. Dr. John Tauer, a psychologist blogging for Psychology Today, examines Yankee-hating, using […]

Flu Precautions and Your Team

Tennis star Tommy Haas has become the latest professional athlete to be diagnosed with the swine flu. Haas, 31, ranked 17th in the world, pulled out of a tournament in Stockholm last week after becoming ill. He first thought it was normal flu but then had himself tested. Haas’ case brings special notice because with […]

A Practice Dilemma

If it’s true that you play the way you practice, then it’s no wonder that NFL players are missing tackles. They don’t practice it. In fact, it’s just the opposite. According to a story by the Associated Press, players actually practice NOT making tackles. Teams don’t want their ball-carriers to be roughed up, and so […]

Time to Choose

Today’s headline in our local paper reads, “Time to Choose.” Of course, it’s referring to Election Day. But for you and me, every day — every moment — is time to choose. Where you are in life right now is the sum of all the decisions you have made. Your friends, your food, your habits, […]

The 20-Minute Rule

Bobby Hurley, one of the country’s most successful high school basketball coaches, spoke about practice at the Iowa Basketball Coaches Association’s weekend clinic in Des Moines, Iowa. Hurley, head of the legendary St. Anthony’s program in New Jersey, mentioned what we’ll call the 20-minute rule, namely, to compliment every player on the team in the […]