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What Big-Leaguers Talk About All the Time

This year’s baseball Hall of Fame ballot is on its way to the voters. No matter who gets voted in — if anyone — you can be sure he passed the test of consistency.

No one gets in on a fluke. One or two great seasons aren’t enough. To even be eligible, a player must have performed in the big leagues for 10 years.

This goes along with what players talk about all the time — consistency. If you spend any amount of time in a big-league clubhouse, you’re sure to hear a player answer a reporter’s question like this:

“I’m just trying to stay consistent, not too high, not too low.”

When big-leaguers talk about consistency, they are referring to their habits, attitude and mental approach. That is what they can control. They can’t control the results; the game is too difficult.

With that in mind, consider the University of North Carolina women’s soccer team. They won their national quarterfinal over the weekend, putting them in the Final Four for the 25th time in the last 28 years.

That kind of success depends on principles. Talent fluctuates; so does the team personality. What remains, what is constant, is a way of doing things. Coach Anson Dorrance lays out the system in “Training Soccer Champions.”

No matter what your sport is, you can benefit from reading about what makes UNC soccer perhaps the most consistently successful program anywhere.


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