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Motivational Moments

Motivational speaker Tom Hughes is celebrating a milestone. He has just offered the 300th edition of his newsletter, “Motivational Moments.”

Hughes gathered his material in his years as a basketball coach. Among the gems is the story of the bluebird:

An early winter freeze descended on the land, and the little bluebird decided he would have to leave or freeze. He took to the sky, only to have his wings freeze. He crashed to the ground, landing in a large haystack.

Just as the bluebird’s heart was about to stop, a cow happened by and deposited a large patty on him. The warm manure brought the bluebird’s heart back to life, and his frozen wings thawed out.  Happy to be alive, the little bluebird began to sing.  The sound attracted the barnyard cat, who uncovered the little bluebird and ate him.

This story has two morals:
Not everyone who dumps on us is our enemy
Not everyone who gets us out of a mess is our friend.

Congratulations to Tom for years of providing great motivational material.


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