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Beating the Odds

Frustration or Fascination?

The team to watch in this year’s college basketball season is definitely Manhattan.

It will feature Keith Laue, on scholarship there despite being born without a left hand. My favorite part of the article by the Associated Press is where Laue got cut from the first team he tried to make. (Many thanks to Kevin Reilly for pointing out the article.)

But, as the article points out, that only made him want to play even more.

In other words, when he hit a failure, he got fascinated instead of frustrated. He kept trying.

In watching sports on TV this weekend, keep in mind that every single one of the competitors faced some sort of defeat or rejection along the way. All of them responded with fascination instead of frustration — or else they wouldn’t be there!

Whether you’re a coach or an athlete, you must understand that life is a series of problems. To succeed, your No. 1 skill must be problem-solving.


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