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Focus on Focus

Somehow you knew this:

The Transportation Department reported yesterday that nearly 6,000 people died and about half a million were inured in this country last year in accidents related to distracted driving.

Authorities cite cell phone use and texting as among the culprits, though the article points out one woman died when rear-ended by a driver painting her fingernails.

Besides providing a sobering reminder on safe driving, the statistics underline another fact: People spend a lot of time focusing on the wrong thing. On the job, in the classroom, and, yes, in the gym, people lose effectiveness simply because of where they choose to place their attention.

Coaches do it, players do it. Even referees do it; every once in a while, you’ll see an umpire lose track of how many outs there are.

New York Yankee superstar Alex Rodriguez has said that one of his goals is to play an entire game with focus, without his mind wandering. He says he has never been able to do it.

“Presence is more than just being there,” said Malcolm S. Forbes. Real presence is being physically, mentally and emotionally involved. That is how great feats take place, when the three aspects of your game are integrated and activated.

So one way to raise your game is to check your focus. In other words, focus on your focus. See if you are putting your attention where it should be. And you can start while you’re driving.


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