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How to Win

Living Big

The other day we talked about the link between an athlete’s personality and behavior on the field.

No one exemplified this more than Babe Ruth, who swung for the fences whether it was on the field, at the dinner table or in his social life.

“I swing big, with everything I’ve got,” Ruth said. “I hit big or I miss big. I like to live as big as I can.”

As a result, for many years Ruth held the record for most home runs and for most strikeouts. He saw strikeouts as part of the package. He actually said, “Every strikeout brings me closer to my next home run.”

All this comes to mind because of today’s One Minute Motivator from best-selling author Ed Smith. His message goes:

“Live a big life, think big thoughts, argue big points, suffer big hurts, have big successes.  Move yourself and your thoughts away from the petty things in life, and focus on the big issues.  Big things and big thoughts are where the satisfaction in life is.  Move out of the comfort zone and into the big zone and feel life again.”

Smith  blogs at http://brightmoment.com/blog.asp.


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