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Tom Hughes, a coach and motivational speaker, produces a wonderful newsletter. It’s called “Motivational Moments.”

I particularly love this quote from Hughes’ most recent offering: “Dedication is the price you pay to get what you want.”

 Here is the rest of the passage on dedication: “It is the amount of time you are willing to work on something to achieve your dreams.  It’s easy to dream – we were all born with the ability to dream.  And, it is easy to start to take action towards reaching your dream.  But that’s where the successful people separate themselves from the not-so-successful.  The not-so-successful people look for excuses why they can’t do it.  They give up or they give in.  Successful people know that in order to finish first, you must first finish.
They have a stick-to-it attitude.  They understand that their mental and physical resources are much greater than they can imagine.”


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