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Beating the Odds

Miracles Do Happen

Today marks an astonishing anniversary in baseball history. On this date in 1951, the New York Giants lost a game, and fell 13 games behind the Brooklyn Dodgers with only seven weeks to go in the season.

In baseball, being 13 games behind with only seven weeks to play usually means only one thing: Wait til next year. For the 1951 Giants, however, it meant: Wait til you see what we do tomorrow!

Sure enough, on the day after their low point of the season, the Giants began to win. They won their next 16 games! And by the time that streak ended, they were back in contention. They wound up winning the pennant in a legendary finish.
What happened to the Giants in 1951 can happen to you today. They proved that you can turn things around immediately. It’s not easy, but it’s possible. You can change anything right now. You can go from a losing diet to a winning one. You can go from a losing attitude to a winning one.

You don’t even have to wait until tomorrow’s game to do it! You can start to change your habits right now. You can decide that from now on, your approach to life will be first-class only. Once you do that, and stick to it, you’ll find the picture of your life starting to change. Like the 1951 Giants, you will be in contention to win. There’s no guarantee that things will wind up in a miracle, as they did for the Giants, but it is possible!

Remember, you can start thinking and acting like a winner right now. We’ll talk about exactly how in the next post.


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