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How to Win

Are You Doing the Right Things?

Yesterday on sports radio, the talk turned to injuries in baseball. There seem to be many of them.

One of the announcers made a point of saying that no matter how much care is given to pitchers, they break down.

The subject made me wonder if the way teams handle the health of their pitchers is just — wrong.

Let me explain that I know nothing of big-league pitchers. I know nothing about medicine.

But I do know this: Ideas about everything change. The way teams exercise today is much different than it was decades ago.

So is it possible that the way teams handle injury prevention is just wrong?

Let’s look in particular at starting pitchers, because they are a tricky, risky, investment.

Do they stretch too much? Too little? Should they stretch at all?

Do they pitch too much? Too little?

What exactly should they do on the days between their starts? How much running? How much throwing?

I don’t know the answers to any of these questions. But whether you’re a big-league team or a high school coach, it’s useful every once in a while to wonder: Am I doing the right things? And even if I am doing the right things, is there a way to do them better?


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