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Making Players Feel Valued

The Atlanta Braves and the New York Mets made a trade yesterday. I mention this not to talk baseball, but because trades always remind me of something my late, great boss, Hall of Fame baseball writer Milt Richman, used to say about trades. He said that whenever the team informs a player that he has […]

How Will Your Players Remember You?

For the past two weeks, we have been in camp, and I’ve had the privilege of coaching with two of my former players. Melissa is in college now, and came back to help out for a week. Lauren is a special education teacher, and she also spent a week in our gym. Their presence not […]

Who Can Be Excellent?

If you’re like most people, you enjoy hearing stories of greatness. You like to learn about people who overcame adversity and who, against all odds, created success for themselves. What you may not realize is that those stories need not be about others. They can be about you. And — this is the amazing part […]

Managing Mistakes

The more I coach, the more I believe that mistakes hold the key to your destiny. Mistakes represent a fork in the road. At this fork, you decide whether to be frustrated or fascinated. You decide whether you will lose or learn. You decide whether you will quit or grow. A blog from the Positive […]

Seeing the Best in Your Players

A man is walking past a pet store and sees a sign that says, “Talking Bird Inside.” He enters the store and asks the owner to show him this amazing merchandise. Sure enough, the bird is talking! He is telling the story of a long career as a spy, complete with dangerous missions and high […]

Serena’s Secret Weapon

Serena Williams had just won the Wimbledon singles title, defeating her sister Venus. The decision not only gave Serena her third Wimbledon championship, but also raised her record against her sister to 11-10 in pro matches dating back to 1998. Someone asked Serena how many championships she might have won had it not been for […]

Rewards and Consequences

The people who signed the Declaration of Independence risked everything. If the Americans had lost the war, those who led the insurrection would have lost property and, probably, life. Risking life and death also emerged as a theme during the holiday “Twilight Zone” marathon. In one of the episodes, a deceased pool player comes back […]

Thomas Jefferson’s 24 Hours

Thomas Jefferson, one of the most successful people in the history of the country, was a master of time management. You, too, can have success by getting the most out of your practice time.

Developing Practice Focus

If you were in the gym and someone asked you, “What are you working on?” what would you say? Perhaps you would reply, “I’m just trying to get better.” That answer, of course, if not good enough. To really improve at something, you must have a specific focus. This idea comes to mind as I […]

What I’m Learning at Summer Camp

This week I have been shuttling between my own camp and others in the area. At Scott Illiano’s fine baseball camp at West Essex High School in Fairfield, N.J., I learned about two areas that Boston Red Sox manager Terry Francona emphasizes in his work. First, attention to detail. Second, managing frustration. Let’s talk about […]