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Beating the Odds

The Company You Keep

You know the old saying, “You’re known by the company you keep.”

It’s only partially true.

What’s closer to the truth is: “You’re DEFINED by the company you keep.”

There is another saying: “You are the average of the five people with whom you spend the most time.”

For instance, if you hang around a lot with people who go to the gym, odds are that you will spend some time in the gym.

And if you spend lots of time with people who go to the bar, then chances are you will find yourself there also.

I try to attend the Gold Medal Squared coaching camps as often as possible, because there I am surrounded by people with a passion for coaching and learning. I try to listen to Dr. Rob Gilbert’s Success Hotline (973-743-4690) daily because it contains some nugget to motivate or inspire.

Today, take a look at the people with whom you spend most of your time. They will tell you a lot about yourself. Are they the kind of people who believe in excellence, or do they spend time knocking down the dreams of others?

You are defined by the company you keep.


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