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How to Win

Great Obstacles

The superior man makes the difficulty to be overcome his first interest; success comes only later.” ~ Confucius.

With the U.S. Open in progress, a legendary golf quote comes to mind.

Years ago, during a tournament in which the golfers were fighting a losing battle against the course, Frank Tatum, then president of the United State Golf Association, was asked if the course were designed to embarrass the greatest golfers in the world.

His now-famous reply went like this: “We’re not trying to embarrass the greatest golfers in the world. We’re trying to identify them.”

In other words, anyone can play an average course. It takes a special golfer to play a special course. Great obstacles create great rewards. Here’s an example:

How would you like to make $25,000 in just a few weeks? It’s possible. All you must do is hire aboard certain fishing boats in Alaska. There’s just one catch: The work is dangerous, back-breaking and miserable. You’re cold and wet most of the time. You’re at the mercy of the sea. And you’re not allowed to come back to port with an empty hold.

If you can put up with all of this, then the money is yours. The question isn’t “CAN you do it?” The question is “Are you WILLING to do it?”

Great obstacles create great rewards.


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