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How to Upgrade Your Game

Yesterday we began our off-season training camp and, after holding the first competitive drill, we posted the results.

Not everyone was happy. Some players scored better than others. Here is what we said to those who were disappointed with their results.

First, your score on the first day of training camp doesn’t matter nearly as much as what you do about it. We are more interested in progress than in any given score.

Second, take a look at your game. Step back from the emotion of a poor score and ask yourself where the points were lost. Was it poor technique? Lack of aggressiveness? Communication failure? Lack of physical or mental toughness?

Third, once you’ve identified where the problem is, go to work on it. If you correct the weakest part of your game, you have gone a long way toward upgrading your overall performance.

This formula will work for coaches and athletes alike. Here is a review:

When faced with a poor result, get fascinated with the problem instead of frustrated by it. Understand that there is a decision to be made between moving forward and feeling sorry for yourself.

Take a good look at your game. Try to understand the biggest factors in the poor result.

Finally, address those factors.

If you have the courage and discipline to take those three steps, you will definitely upgrade your game!


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