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Why Summer Reading for Athletes?

Yesterday I wrote about a summer reading list for student-athletes. Here are a couple of questions:

First, why a summer reading list at all?

Second, why only one book?

As to why you have a summer reading list at all, students take a vacation from school, but they should never take one from growth. No one should ever stop learning. By getting a summer reading assignment, students can understand that greatness is a PROCESS that continues every day. Anything that brings insight to their endeavors will help that process.

As to why only one book, there is much to be said for a vacation. Recovery is an important principle, and coaches hurt the athlete when they ignore the need to re-charge batteries. Everyone needs time to just do nothing — take a walk, look at the sky, etc.

So having a summer reading list of one book balances the need for continued growth and the need for rest and relaxation. Naturally, that one book should be chosen with care!


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