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How to Win

Hurricanes and Life

“Life is the sum of all your choices.”  ~ Albert Camus

Yesterday was the first day of the Atlantic hurricane season, and it brought to mind a chilling story that is told of evacuations.

When the forecasters decide that a strong storm is drawing near, local authorities will order an evacuation, and workers go from house to house, telling the residents to leave.

If the residents refuse, the workers can’t force them. However, they do produce a name tag and say, “OK, you can stay. But please do us a favor. Please write your name on this name tag and then wear it so that when we find you we can identify your body.”

Believe it or not, this story has a lot to do with what goes on in your gym. With the name tag, the workers are drawing a connection between what the residents DECIDE and what they will GET.

The same thing happens in your life every day. You make a decision and you get a result. That result likely will not be as dramatic as the decision to stay in a hurricane, but your decisions, one by one, still add up to your destiny. You are the product of everything you have ever decided.

This week we are talking about the zone, that beautiful mental state of total awareness and engagement. You reach the zone, step by step, with decisions to stay on task and to reject distractions. Yesterday I had a cup of coffee with my friend Peter, and we talked about how to THINK on the golf course. More on that tomorrow, but it all comes down to decisions.

To summarize: If you decide to loaf in practice, you will have less skill than if you worked hard.

If you decide to eat poorly, your health will suffer.

What you decide is what you get.

Whether in a hurricane or in a practice, it’s true all the same.


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