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Beating the Odds

Creating a Team Culture

“A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution to praise the skill of the others.”  – Norman S. Hidle

What  makes the difference between one successful season …and a successful program?

The answer is culture. What are the shared values in your locker room? The standards? Is the team unified behind a vision and core beliefs?

The Pittsburgh Penguins, who have just reached the Stanley Cup finals, have created an excellent locker room. There are, as the saying goes, no independent contractors. All players are on board in pursuit of the same goal.

There can scarcely be a more important job for any coach than to create this kind of culture. When Herb Brooks was putting together what became the 1980 Olympic gold medal hockey team, see worked hard to unite factions from different parts of the country. That unity was crucial to the Miracle on Ice.

Team-building coach Gary Pritchard and I discuss team culture in Chapter 5  of our podcast “The 10 Things Great Coaches Know.”

To hear Part 5, click  on the link below. Once you reach the page, 
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 If you missed Part 1-4, you can click on the link below, then select  “Listen  Now.” 


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