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Looking Deep into Your Sport

In the last post we talked about the Hubble telescope, and how it reflects mankind’s curiosity. It is pointed outward, with the purpose of looking deep into the universe. Today, coach Gary Pritchard and I have released Part 3 of our podcast, “The 10 Things Great Coaches Know.” We hope that, just as the Hubble helps astronomers to see things invisible to the naked eye, our ideas help you see something in coaching that you never have seen before.



What does every good coach teach?

 You won’t find it in a playbook!


To hear Part 3, click  on the link below. Once you reach the page, 
scroll down and hit the play button.

 Did you miss Part 1-2?   No worries…
 click on the link below, then press the arrow by “Listen Now.” 
Enjoy!  See you next week for Part 4!


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