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Life Lessons

Journey of Discovery

“The important thing is not to stop questioning.” ~ Albert Einstein

Today a space shuttle is scheduled to take off for a maintenance mission to the Hubble telescope. This will mark the final trip to the Hubble, which was launched in 1990.

Years ago astronomer Carl Sagan spoke beautifully of the telescope and what it said about the human race. He said that centuries from now, when humans have passed from the Earth and visitors come from space, they will note that the telescope is pointed outward, and know that a curious people put it there.

The best coaches share this curiosity. Their gaze is directed not at the stars but at the practice field. Like engineers building a space shuttle, they ask questions: How can it be faster? Stronger? Lighter? More efficient?

Basketball legend John Wooden used to identify an area of where he could improve, and then spend his off-season learning. If the greatest basketball coach of them all had this thirst for learning, then who should not be curious?

Learning can take place through books, clinics, CDs, conferences, and conversations with other coaches. Like the astronauts, you can go on a journey of discovery!


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