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How to Win


What makes a good teammate?

It’s a person who will give credit in victory, and accept responsibility in defeat.

It’s a person who will do whatever possible to help.

Most of of all, it’s a person who will spread belief and confidence. 

You can see this kind of teammate in the book “Caddy for Life: the Bruce Edwards Story” by John Feinstein. It examines the career of Edwards, longtime caddy for golfing legend Tom Watson.

The book gives insights into the teamwork between a golfer (who hits all the shots) and the caddy (who offers advice when needed, stays quiet when necessary, and is there for support at all times).

This profile becomes all the more powerful because Edwards died of Lou Gehrig’s Disease in 2004.

Edwards comes to mind because he lived in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., site of The Players Championship, which begins today (NBC). More and more, television is doing a better job of covering the interaction between golfer and caddy. Perhaps the microphone will pick up examples of their teamwork.


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