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How to Win

The Game of Production

 “Goals are what you want. Actions are what you get.” — Sports psychologist Dr. Rob Gilbert

As baseball spring training gets underway in earnest, predictions for the coming season will soon follow. Who will finish in first place? Who will hit the most home runs?

Here’s something important to understand about statistics: At the end of the season, they will measure what a player actually accomplished.

Not what the player HOPED to do.

Not what he PLANNED to do.

Not what he INTENDED to do.

Statistics will measure what actually happened.

Coaches, athletes and competitors of all kinds should know that life in a production game.

It is not an intentions game.

How many times have you started your day with every intention of eating well, working efficiently, and accomplishing certain things, only to look back at the end of the day and see that nothing went as planned?

It’s important to know that your destiny is the sum of what you do, not 0f what you intend.


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