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How to Win

The Power of Goals

“The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time.” — Unknown

According to USA Today, the Doritos ad and two Budweiser spots made the biggest impression on viewers during Sunday’s Super Bowl.

But here’s a question: Why do Doritos and Budweiser have to advertise at all?

Doesn’t everyone know what Doritos and Budweiser are?

Why bother to advertise, especially when ads cost upward of $3 million per 30 seconds?

The answer is that people need constant reminders. It’s true when it comes to commercial products, and it’s true when it comes to your future. Here are three stages of shaping your future:

1. Forming goals. Carl Sandberg said, “Nothing happens unless first a dream.”

2. Writing goals down. Something happens when your transfer your goals from the abstract area of your mind to the concrete area of paper. The very act of writing creates more reality.

3. Reviewing your goals. This is where Doritos and Budweiser come in. You need constant reminders. Your goals carry more power if you stop to review them every day. Every time you look at your goals, your immediate actions will change to more fully conform to your long-term vision.

The longer you go without reviewing your goals, the more they will disappear from your consciousness. They will get lost in the details of daily life. Doritos and Budweiser never want that to happen. Neither should you.


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