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Do It Now!

Yesterday’s post didn’t come until late in the day, and that was my fault. Even worse, it came as a result of an elementary mistake that an experienced coach shouldn’t make. I should have done yesterday’s post the night before. But I let it go, telling myself I would get to it first thing in […]

Breaking a Slump

Today’s post is late for reasons that I’ll explain tomorrow. In the meantime, it comes just in time to include an item about a team that finally broke through. The NJIT men’s basketball team, which had owned the longest losing streak in Division I history, came up with a victory Wednesday night. Everyone goes through losing […]

Flying Air Force One

The job of president isn’t the only one that will be changing hands in Washington, D.C., today. Col. Mark Tillman, who has piloted the presidential plane, Air Force One, for years, is retiring. After flying President Bush nearly 2,000 times, today he transports him home to Texas — as an ex-president. And that marks a […]

Decisions Are Your Destiny

“Make your decisions based not on what you are but on what you want to become.” Two weeks from now the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers will meet in the Super Bowl. Both of them earned that right by winning a game yesterday. But the process really began long before that with certain decisions […]

How Superstars Practice

Years ago, people in the National Basketball Association grew accustomed to hearing a sound when they walked into the Boston Garden. It was the sound of Larry Bird putting shot after shot through the hoop in his pre-game practice. Bird’s pre-game practices were different from those of other players. His began hours before his Boston […]

Turn Off the TV

Numbers to consider: First, there are 168 hours in a week. Then there is the amount of television that the average American watches per week. According to the South Dakota Department of Health: 4 hours per day for young children. Slightly less for older children. 29 hours per week for an adult male. 34 hours […]

The Power of Preparation

Yesterday’s “Miracle on the Hudson,” in which an airline pilot safely landed a  jet in the river between New York and New Jersey, illustrates a point about peak performance: You never know when you are going to need a skill that you work on in practice. If you’ve ever flown, you know that the cabin […]

Conquering the Self

“Some people think that the battle is against others. Winners understand that the struggle is within the self.” Let’s start with a trick question today. Who was the first person to conquer Mount Everest? You may be tempted to say Sir Edmund Hillary. But remember, this is a trick question. And here’s the answer: No […]

Steroid problems

Second item: A news report says that the Justice Department is investigating whether former big-league pitcher Roger Clemens lied under oath to Congress in a hearing on performance-enhancing drugs. Without making any judgment as to innocence or guilt in the case of Clemens, we can safely say that steroids have tainted today’s sports landscape. Athletes […]

Practice Pays Off

Multiple items today. First, many thanks to Jeff Robbins, who saw Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb’s comment to Fox after his team beat the Giants in an NFL playoff game: “I think we won this game today with the great week of practice that we had.”