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How to Win

Do It Now!

Yesterday’s post didn’t come until late in the day, and that was my fault. Even worse, it came as a result of an elementary mistake that an experienced coach shouldn’t make.

I should have done yesterday’s post the night before. But I let it go, telling myself I would get to it first thing in the morning. When morning arrived, an emergency arose that tied me up until well in the afternoon. As a result, the post didn’t appear until about 10 p.m.

The whole episode reminds me of the story about armies and the river. Through history, when armies on the march came to a river at the end of day, they would cross it. No matter how tired or hungry the troops were, they would cross the river at night. And they did this for a simple reason: They could.

Experience had taught the armies that if they slept before crossing the river, the conditions could change overnight. And then in the morning a crossing would be impossible. So armies learned to cross when it was possible.

When George Washington made his legendary crossing of the Delaware River to surprise the Hessians on Christmas morning, there were difficulties. It was cold and dark. But it was POSSIBLE. As a result of crossing when he did, Washington prevailed. It was a detail that helped win a war.

That’s a great lesson for anyone in sports. Think of it this way:
Do it.
Do it right.
Do it now.

If you fail to do it when you can, something may happen to prevent you from doing it at all. Whether it’s going to the gym, going to the weight room, or studying a game plan, do it now!


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  1. A great point. I’m also reminded of the Chinese general who brought his army to the river bank and not only burned their boats but their cooking pots. No breakfast for those soldiers before the job was done.

    Posted by Peter Hirsch | January 22, 2009, 11:19 am

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