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How to Win

Decisions Are Your Destiny

“Make your decisions based not on what you are but on what you want to become.”

Two weeks from now the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers will meet in the Super Bowl.


Both of them earned that right by winning a game yesterday. But the process really began long before that with certain decisions that they made.

What should our goal be?
How deeply are we going to commit to that goal?
How hard are we going to work toward that goal?

Each of these three questions leads to certain day-to-day decisions:

What will my approach be in practice?
What should I eat?
What time should I go to bed?

And each of those question leads to minute-by-minute decisions. The more you look at success, the more you realize that it is the result of countless choices that you make. That’s why I love the quote at the top of this post. Motivational speaker Gary Pritchard introduced me to it. I’m not sure if the quote is his or if he just passed it along but, either way, it can help you with your decisions.

By having a goal and keeping it in mind, you can begin to rearrange your life to bring more success.


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