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Ski Jump Lesson

Did you ever see a ski jump competition either live or on TV?

Ski jump is an event where competitors first ski down a long ramp, then take off and soar hundreds of feet down the mountain before finally landing.

My wife and I witnessed a competition live a couple of years ago at Lake Placid, N.Y. Then we got to take an elevator to the top of the ramp – just as the skiers do – and gaze down into the valley.

Only at the top can you fully understand what this sport is about. The mother of one of the competitors put it into words.

“In this sport, it’s not you against the mountain,” she said. “It’s you against yourself. Only you can decide whether to let go and start the trip down the slope.”

When you think of it, every sport is the same way. It may not have the sense of danger that ski jumping has, but the choice is all the same: whether to hold back or go all out.

Every single sport allows you to test yourself. It allows you to see how committed you are. Every single sport brings challenges and opportunities to grow. Every single sport will test your focus.

So if you ever see some ski jumping, remember it’s not the skier against the mountain. It’s a test of the self. And so is your sport.

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