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Beating the Odds

Urgent Practice

In this weekend’s NFL playoff games, you’ll likely see a two-minute drill.

That’s when teams, facing time pressure, play differently than they have for the rest of the game. They use different strategies. They play with greater intensity. They have a greater sense of urgency.

What if these teams – more importantly, what if you – could operate with that increased sense of urgency more often? After all, the things you do in the first minute of a game are just as important as the things you do in the last two minutes.

If you could bring more intensity and urgency than you do now, you would likely enjoy more success.

So how can you go about developing that sense of urgency?

You do it in practice. You have to go about your practice with a sense that the time for getting better is very limited. You have to make the most of that time.

Everything about practice is important: The attitude you arrive with, the way you go about your warmup, the way you help out when it’s time to pick up equipment, the effort you give in drills.

If you make a habit of treating everything in practice as vital – and it is – then that intensity will carry over into games. And you’ll play the entire game the way some teams play the last two minutes!

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